Summer Salad

* Tomatoes (heirloom or on the vine are best)

* Cucumbers (pickling if possible)

* Red Onion or Scallions (finely chopped) (optional)

* Parsley (or any fresh herbs on hand)

* Lime, lemon, or ACV (apple cider vinegar)

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Salt/Pepper to taste

Chop the fruit, herbs, and onions (if using onions). Toss with extra virgin olive oil (sunflower oil can be substituted as well). Squeeze a bit of lime or lemon, or add a few drops of ACV (you don't need much because the tomatoes add plenty of acidity). This is a great little salad for when you want something other than greens. You'll want to have some good bread on hand for soaking up the delicious "sauce" in the bottom of the bowl!

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