Good, honest food of the earth...

"I almost always get my mangoes from Jessica’s Organic Farm Stand in Sarasota, right off of University Blvd. Everything they sell there is organic. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers…just good, honest food of the earth. If you think that buying organic means not-so pretty and expensive, then you need to visit Jessica’s. Bright crimson globes of radishes, gorgeous heads of lettuce big enough to cradle in both arms, just-picked spinach with the sweet earth still clinging, and the mangoes! Oh the mangoes are heavenly-juice-dribbling-down-your-chin delectable. Need proof? Have owner Bill cut one open for you – the knife easily glides around the pit. There are no fibers to catch in your teeth. Just pure, creamy and smooth, just like summer should taste."


Feelin' Groovy

Of course the produce at Jessica's is incredible. But that's not really what makes this place special. It is flat out the people who work there.

After a week of typical job related stress, I absolutely look forward to my weely pilgrimage to "the farm." Getting close, I can roll down the windows, take a gander at the goats, and enjoy some disco sunshine as I pass under the canopy of some mighty oaks. During my visit, I might get some thoughtful words from Bill with that piercing look, a friendy and bustling-high energy hello from Heather, those mellow/sincere words and smile from Sarah, that special smile and vibrant energy you always get from Amanda, and those eclectic tunes and hip vibe from the young man at the check out (sorry I forgot your name, but love the vibe!). And of course I forget the names of the others (except Coleman!)  who always have a sincere hello or nod for those who share the same. Add in seeing some familiar faces and enjoying some conversations from the friends I have made here these past years (my mom started shopping here when it was actually a stand - a few tables, really) and the weekend has started like it should, feeling nourished in a special way.

Thank you everyone at Jessica's!         

Corporate America just can't compete...

"Whole Foods made a big smash when it opened in Sarasota, but there's still only one source for organic food in my opinion and it's Jessica's Stand ... Whole Foods is great for some commodities but unfortunately corporate America just can't compete with the freshness, quality and price of the farm."



...everyone in the Sarasota area should definitely hit up Jessica's Stand. One our of city's little gems.

So Grateful...

"So grateful to have a place like this in Sarasota!"

Rated 5 Stars on Google

THE place to get kale

On the way home we stopped at Jessica's Organic Farm for some of their divine kale. Jessica's is THE place to get kale in the Sarasota area. Also completely organic, they offer a fantastic selection of produce. Tucked away in a residential neighborhood, Jessica's is an absolute gem!


The Best Spinach

Undoubtedly, Bill Pischer grows the best spinach on the planet.


MUCH cheaper

I go to Jessica's Stand once a week- it's only open on Friday and Saturday, and it's fantastic. I've found it cheaper than the farmer's market and MUCH cheaper than Whole Foods (better quality, as well), especially on lettuce and other greens, and it's pretty great to buy produce that was picked within the hour.


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