Cucumbers - Pickling & Regular

Our cucumbers are slightly sweet, crunchy, and refreshing. They're a great way to rehydrate yourself on a hot Florida day. Try them sliced on greens, mixed with tomatoes and sour cream, or dipped in hummus. Needless to say, they also make incredible pickles.


Fresh From...

Our cucumbers are grown locally, right here in our own fields, early October to mid-December, and then early April to mid-June. They are sold by the pound. Depending on the season and availability, Jessica's Stand also sells Certified Organic cucumbers from other farms.


Health Benefits

Although much of the research is still in preliminary stages, evidence suggests that "three types of phytonutrients found in cucumbers provide us with valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits."


Nutrition Facts

"Cucumbers are also a very good source of free radical-scavenging vitamin C and the enzyme-cofactor molybdenum. They are also a good source of vision-supportive vitamin A; heart-healthy potassium, folate, dietary fiber and magnesium; and bone-supportive manganese."